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Dragon Harvest

Playable Races

In Karakkis, there are many people, created in many ways. Each race, has certain characteristics which can help win the day in battle. Choose your race wisely.

Man Baen
Man squire.jpeg


The race of men has seen many hard days, and often at the hands of other men. All the more, this causes the heroes of men to shine as a beacon of hope for the world. They are strong, and gentle. They defend that which is good, but know well what it is to fall short. They are not salvation, but they have tasted it. They are not judgement, but they will arrange the meeting. Men posses the ability, Rise Again. With this ability, once per region, a hero among men may choose to aid an ally who fell that round. When using this ability, they may move their player token to the space their ally fell on. They must then battle the danger that took their friend. If they succeed, both heroes may rise again and continue to explore the map.


The race of Dwarves appears to have come out of nowhere. The reality is, they came out of where no one was looking. They have carved their way up and out from rock, and the rock in return, has shaped them. They are hardy, rough, and loyal to a fault. The heroes of dwarves balance their love for beautiful creations, with their love for each other. Dwarvish heroes posses the ability, Violent Charge. Once per region, a dwarf can travel as far through any discovered tunnels/tiles as they want. Once they choose to draw or engage a tile, their charge ends.

Dwarf in tunnel
She elf Kiara
She elf Kiara


The race of elves are honored for their wisdom and council. Elves do not fade with age and tend to become competent in several areas. All elvish life is linked to the magic within the Forulli Trees. As they grow and fall, so do the elves. Elvish heroes posses the ability, Detection. Once per region, when an elf would draw a tile, they may observe that tile before placing it down. For any reason, the elf has the freedom to back up one tile away from the tile they lay down, preventing engagement with it (excludes event tiles).


The race of wizards and sorcerers is powerful and mysterious. In their initial creation, they were only spirits called by another name, and without form. However, in light of their charge to look over Karakkis, some were granted the freedom to bind themselves to a form, thus wizards were born. This form, allows them to be in the physical realm permanently, but binds their fate to it. Wizards posses the ability, Not Alone. Once per region, a wizard may call on his allies, untethered to form, and bind their strength together for battle. Their next attack receives +5 DB power before conditions are applied.

Wizard fights
Woman by the water


The race of hobbits are considered funny folk. Many who have only heard of them think they are irrelevant to the world, unambitious, and ignorant. However, those who know them, know the impact they make, their incredible concern for good and wonderful things, and their cleverness. Those who know them have coined the mantra, “small in stature, large in heart,” for the creatures. Hobbits posses the ability, Soft Foot. Once per region, a hobbit may choose not to engage an enemy on their path, but move past them. If they choose to move past the enemy, but there is no path tile beyond them, lay one down.


The race of Satyrs appear to be friends with most people. Their laughter and good spirits tend to be contagious. Their tunes are all but hypnotic. They often carry tales of the elves to the hobbits, and tales of the hobbits back to the elves, both of which enjoy their company greatly. Satyrs posses the ability, Happy Turn. Once per region, a satyr may pull tiles until they uncover an artifact. Place all other pulled tiles back in the bag.



The race of Ents whisper amongst each other, with voices so deep, they sound as if they were the wind. Their existence is still largely considered a rumor. Known mostly among the elves and the satyrs, ents dig their roots deep into the ground surrounding other wildlife, watching and caring for them. They lack a degree of sentience keeping them from applying moral laws to people unlike them. It is fortunate then, that unless provoked, they are generally gentle and docile. Ents posses the ability, Dark Shadows. Once per region, an ent may furl their branches together and attempt to intimidate their opponent. Role a die. If you land a six, your opponent surrenders and is defeated without a battle. If the roll fails, continue the engagement.

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