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"The Hobbit meets The Twilight Zone for a mind bending quest into darkness, searching for light."

Dear Reader,

If you have ever paroused the fantasy genre at your favorite local bookstore, or hidden yourself away to read a story of magic, then you’ll know what I mean when I say that these fantastic realms have an aroma to them. They are like a pie in the window sill of an old cartoon.

If you can relate with that picture, you can understand how Phoebe and Scott end up the heroes of a fictional realm found real. They are sold on the classic themes of heroism, beauty, and valor. But like in the classics, Esperal has a dark side. In its crevices are the kind of creatures that visit you, in the deep shadows of your room late at night. In its margins are those images that pop into your head, the vibrant and angry ones that you’d rather keep to yourself. 

Like a venus fly trap, our characters have been lured into a world that is not what it seems. But the question is, can they ever get out? Is there a better world awaiting them back home?

Maybe, I should give you the advice they needed. Turn back while you still can. Or, maybe it’s too late. In which case you now need different council: strap in. Esperal needs a hero. It may even need a sacrifice, of the human variety.

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Adventure is brewing. We'll see you soon.

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