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I’ll Love You When

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Writing Prompt: Write a poem, sharing how long you will love her.

“I’ll Love You When”

When you’re young,

They say you’re too young,

To be in love,

When your older,

They say that love’s a young man’s game,

But we both know that time is not to blame,

We both know we’ll never be the same.

And I swear,

Young or old,

I don’t care,

I’ll love you when,

I’ll love you when.

When you graduate from school,

And work to chase your dreams,

When we get our own pool,

And swim in its stream,

When your hair is white,

And our kids are gone,

When day is night,

I’ll still play this song.

Because I swear

I don’t care,

I’ll love you when,

I’ll love you when.

When we can barely eat,

And we labor just for bread,

When our story’s complete,

And we both lay down our heads,

When we don’t know how we’ll make it,

And we want to give up,

When we can’t fake it,

Here’s my heart you can take it.

I swear,

I’ll love you then.

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