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We Delved Too Deep

We Delved Too Deep


We Are Trapped... in the deep dark. Help us. Help us. We cannot get out.


In "We Delved Too Deep" you play Tevbek, the historian. You accompany a band of dwarves seeking to reclaim their lost homeland, the Mountain of Illenel. However, there are things yet unseen which would like to have you. The choices you make in this book will forge a path for you and your comrades, either to glory and prosperity, or to death and destruction. But be warned; there are much worse things than the occasional pack of goblins in the shadows of the rock.


High Fantasy meets horror in this adventure. Compelling heroes deserve compelling villains, and that's what you'll find in "We Delved Too Deep." 

This Adventure is set to be released by October, 2024. Right in time for spooky season. Preorder, and have the book dedicated to you, or someone you love!
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